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Welcome to

my kitchen!

Recipes welcome and food will be enjoyed by myself friends, family and HOPEFULLY YOU!

First of all, Thank you for visiting, and second, please share with me!

I am the type of person who goes for dinner with three or four friends and will taste each of their dishes. To say I love food is an understatement, I didn’t get this body eating celery sticks! (My celery sticks have peanut butter and trail mix on them!) I love to try ethnic dishes and more.

I love meat! And I am not afraid to say it! Though I was vegetarian for 8 months in my grade 12 year of schooling, I do enjoy all meats! My favourite probably being lamb. Though I have never cooked lamb..Maybe I will trek the lamb territory soon? Greek anyone?

Lets get back on track now.. I mention I love meat because my Partner Teri has recently chosen to take 95% of meat out of her diet. Since I cook most of the meals in the house, I have chosen to support her by not eating much meat either. The meat that we will bring into our home is free range meat that preferably lived a good long life! (other than the eggs, which still being free range, did not live as long at all)

My main goal with this is to contact and be contacted by many other kitchen dwellers with similar cooking ideas. So, let us share and bond over drinks and foods that we love and would love to mix up a bit!


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