Who am I?

My name is Michelle (hence; “Cooking with Michelle”).  I love creating new dishes, coming up with crafts, and I love to tell people about it!!

So, since my family is DONE hearing about kids crafts, what I ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner and seeing what it was (I like taking pictures!) I decided to make a blog. You may notice new pages popping up if I get some good shots of around the city but they might end up here on who I am? as well.

LIKES: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Beans, Meat (even though my partner Teri is going vegetarian slowly), and all fruits and veg!

Dislikes: ummm…. Tofu? Though I do challenge myself to trying it quite often!

Allergies: Coconut & Citric Acid (Which sadly lives in almost all fruits and veg, sodas, and CHOCOLATE! ) I have some others but they all contain citric acid as well.

My allergies don’t stop me from much because I love most of the foods I am allergic to. Needless to say,  Benadryl is one of my best friends!!


Please keep in touch! I would love to have recipes from you to try out and would love to pass some on to you! (especially ones with coconut because thats the one allergy I need to avoid!).  I also welcome craft Ideas because I work in a childcare facility.

One last thing, there will soon be a tab for before&after pictures of hair cuts and styles that I do, as I am also a certified Hairstylist.


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