Rice & Bean Casserole

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I was a little hesitant to make this casserole because I usually make beans and rice by cooking up onion, red peppers, and kidney beans in a pan adding “Banana Sauce” and eating over rice, sometimes adding a zing and warmth of chipotle as well. This recipe was similiar (minus the “banana Sauce” but had many more ingredients and many types of beans and lentils. I opted for 2 beans to stay safe this time Kidney and Grabanzo (chick peas).  I also changed up the recipe so much that I am not linking the original one I read Because I added and subtracted more than 5 ingredients!

So I started comfortably with sweating my onions (or softening them, whichever you prefer!)
What I mean is I started by Preheating the oven!!!

This is something I always forget then it take extra long to cook! So while I preheated the oven I cooked up my onions and yellow peppers with garlic in a bit of oil and – – for added flavour — balsalmic vinegar! Makes it extra caramelized!

Add balsamic vinegar when sauteeing onions for extra caramelization!

Next step when these are just about soft is to add the beans! My choice was Red Kidney beans and Garbanzo beans(chick peas). Would also be good with black beans or lentils (save the refried for burritos though!). This is also the time to add in any softer veggies of your choice such as fresh dice tomatoes which I did add. I also prepared my baking dish while the beans heated through.

To prepare, I poured 2 cups of brown rice (rinsed, uncooked) into the bottom of the pan and toped it with sweet frozen corn.

I then turned back to my beans, onions etc. and added in my sauce as I wanted the beans to carry the same sauce as the rice. I put my secret tomato combo in being jarred pasta sauce (usually whatever I have, often Italian flavoured) and my favourite banana sauce!

Bought in the ethnic foods aisle for a couple bucks! Almost a sweet ketchup flavour. Worth a try, you will be hooked forever! I always keep this in my fridge!

I only add about a half cup of banana sauce and a cup of pasta sauce. You could substitute these easily for a can of diced or stewed tomatoes.

Once your bean mixture is heated through you should strain your beans through a mesh colander over a large measuring cup. This is to reserve the liquid for the rice and to measure that reserved liquid to avoid an overly watery dish. This is the hardest part of the dish and its easy!

Pour your strained mixture of beans over your rice and corn in the dish to cover all the rice.

Now see how much liquid you have, add water or stock to make approximately 3 1/2 cups.

Now put in your preheated oven for 45-55 minutes, tons of time to clean up and do a puzzle and make dinner look effortless!

Before Baking

After Baking! You could also stir this dish together before baking but I love the layers! Another alternativve: Add cheese on top for a less healthy but equally yummy option!

Dinner is Served!

And now lets have a warm welcome from my judging panel (Teri!) …(this picture was about an hour after we ate dinner…)

I think I got a good review on this one!

  1. Fantastic meat-free meal! Just as good day-2, just bring extra banana sauce! 😀

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