Mushroom Soup Special!

In My Recipes on February 21, 2011 at 10:51 pm

So for my first food blog im just trying this out with a randomly thought up 3 ingredient + Spices dinner. Now I wanted this blog to help me avoid store bought products but I think Im gunna use more “cheats” than I thought I ever would because it saves you time!!! So for this Mushroom soup special I used these three ingredients….


Muchroom soup, pasta noodles, frozen corn!


I have just gotten a new Camera, so Im learning the correct way to take pics, please excuse me for this!


Anywho so what you want to do is boil up your pasta til its the way you like to eat it:  al dente, extra soft etc! Then what you will do is add in your corn, I used peaches and cream corn by green giant cause it is Teri’s favourite!


The pasta helps heat the corn up, I still throw it back on the stove for a few mins to heat everything nicely!

After the corn is mixed through, throw in you spices, I chose parsley ad bacon bits! My bacon bits are simulated but I love the added smoky flavour so I use them more as a spice than as a condiment. After this is done add in your mushroom soup, do NOT add water or milk to this, just use the concentrated soup because it will add much more flavour.


It should be looking like this:


Always make extra food when you cook, it’s great to have leftovers for lunches or to create a casserole with leftovers etc.

So, if you choose to continue Cooking with Michelle I should show you what that means….


That's "Cooking with Michelle"

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy your meals!



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